Advance Review Copies

Hello Everyone! Did you start your new year with powerful resolutions? One of mine was to finish my second novel in The Sheffrou Trilogy called “Betrayal” The Color of Treason. I’m so close now the my fingers tingle with anticipation when I type.First, however, I must get some ARCs or Advance Review Copies to getContinue reading “Advance Review Copies”

It’s Not Winter Yet

Several years ago–perhaps when I was in my mid 40s–I wrote a reflection on middle age in which I likened that phase of life to autumn. It seemed an apt metaphor at the time; I still believe it is relevant. But I will soon be 59, and it occurred to me as I reread theContinue reading “It’s Not Winter Yet”

A Difficult Time…update

I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement regarding the passing of my beloved laptop. She is in a better place aka a box under my bed but that’s besides the point. She’s been laid to rest, and I have moved on to a beautiful, lightning fast, sleek new model. As IContinue reading “A Difficult Time…update”

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