Today, I am fortunate to have a dedicated and separate space where I write, edit my writing, plan my writing, market my writing or think about my writing. The ‘Word Factory’ is a selfish place I had wished for many years. Perched near my computer sits a piece of desk art engraved with Ben Franklin’sContinue reading “WHERE DO YOU WRITE?”

A Prism and a Story

What is the purpose of a story if not to entice and enchant our thoughts? My name is Skyclad Niall, and I have come a great distance to talk with you. There are mysteries that are revealed when you take a moment to consider what you have been presented with. Take the dancing of lightContinue reading “A Prism and a Story”


I’m currently in the deep editing phase of my latest novel, Flowers in Her Bones. I love to rough draft, but when it comes time to dig deep, mold the story more fully into what it’s meant to be, I come up against internal resistance. I feel this sort of existential dread when I sitContinue reading “Trust”

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