No, I Don’t Want to Talk About My Car’s Extended Warranty

How many times do you answer your phone to hear a robotic voice asking you to stay on the line to discuss your car’s extended warranty? Or how to reduce your debt? Or to get bogus healthcare benefits? Scamming the Scammers A few years ago, the calls came in at an annoyingly high frequency. MaybeContinue reading “No, I Don’t Want to Talk About My Car’s Extended Warranty”

The Dog That Changed My Life

In December 2007, my infant nephew was murdered by a family acquaintance. I am a pacifist at heart and could not comprehend the idea that anyone could hurt a helpless baby, especially during a holiday season that celebrates the life-changing arrival of a holy infant here on earth. Depression settled in, and what followed wasContinue reading “The Dog That Changed My Life”

Choosing Our Words

As writers, we must choose our words carefully. Not ever reader will comprehend our words in the same way. This is true for writers of every genre, from short pieces of flash fiction contained in a few hundred words or less (Ernest Hemingway’s six-word, heart-wrenching story comes to mind) to multi-volume epic tales spanning hundredsContinue reading “Choosing Our Words”

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