How to choose a character’s name

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well.Today, I want to entertain you about a subject that is important in a novel but if often considered trivial.Have you ever read a novel in which the characters’ names where inappropriate or threw you out of the story every time? I’m sure most of you have experiencedContinue reading “How to choose a character’s name”

COP26: a historic but imperfect accord

“World leaders signed off on a new climate change agreement after two weeks of intense negotiations in Glasgow, Scotland. While some countries committed to more ambitious cuts to heat-trapping pollution, many nations did not agree to reign in emissions fast enough for the world to avoid the worst damage from climate-driven storms, heat waves andContinue reading “COP26: a historic but imperfect accord”

World building in Science-fiction and Fantasy

“If you write science-fiction or fantasy, world building can make or break your book.” ProWritingAid. World building is harder than you think. It is difficult and takes time. Many details need to come together in a cohesive fashion to produce a believable world. You can be creative and design your own world from scratch orContinue reading “World building in Science-fiction and Fantasy”

Why are reviews so important? Tips and Tricks for Authors

Why reviews matter to readers and authors. More than one thousand books are published every week. With so many choices, readers search on the internet for books to read in the genre they like. They read reviews to get a glimpse at the story and how people feel about the characters. Reviews help the readerContinue reading “Why are reviews so important? Tips and Tricks for Authors”

The Great Conjunction of 2020

Astronomers use the term conjunction when two objects appear to meet in the night sky. The great conjunction is when the two biggest planets of our solar system, Jupiter, and Saturn, the second biggest with its famous rings, meet and form a “double planet” as seen from Earth. Obviously, this is an optical illusion becauseContinue reading “The Great Conjunction of 2020”

An introduction to my sci-fi fantasy novel “I Am Sheffrou”

1 I had another argument with my husband this morning. Sometimes I wish I could change my life. Be somebody else. Be somewhere else. I stomped out on the back porch, fuming. I climbed down the steps leading to the yard careful not to dirty my new sneakers, stopped on the landing, and pondered theContinue reading “An introduction to my sci-fi fantasy novel “I Am Sheffrou””

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