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Keep It Positive (KIP)

This was adapted from Leigh’s keynote speech at the South Carolina Writers Association conference on October 21, 2022 Here’s how to bring more KIP to your writing life: First, find a way to track your progress so you can congratulate yourself on your own milestones, instead of competing against your peers. This could be trackingContinue reading Keep It Positive (KIP)

Bertrade de Monfort

Was she so incredibly beautiful that powerful men were willing to leave their wives and marry her? Or was she a witch, a sorceress? One chronicler of the time said nothing good was ever said about her except for her beauty, while another said she was pleasing to God and compared her to an angel.Continue reading “Bertrade de Monfort”

A Halloween Treat

The Funeral Home Is No Place for a Child is the winner of Morning Rain Publishing’s 2014 Freaky Flash writing contest. I hope you enjoy this treat. Happy Halloween! ~ Becky / R. A. Muth Charley sat on the hard, wooden bench and wished he was with his babysitter. She wouldn’t make him sit still.Continue reading “A Halloween Treat”

Writing Characters of Color

Writing characters of color shouldn’t be difficult; we are all just people after all, but there are some writers who struggle with it. I think this blog sums up the nuances of writing ‘outside your comfort zone’ perfectly. TIPS ON WRITING A CHARACTER OF COLOR Morgan Jerkins May 4, 2015 1. Don’t. Just kidding. I’m beyond excited thatContinue reading “Writing Characters of Color”

Seminal Moments

It is said that the only constant in life is change. We see this regularly all around us. In fact, after you’ve seen enough of it, you get rather used to it. You accept the fact that no matter how settled anything is in your life, it will eventually change. If the particular change isContinue reading “Seminal Moments”

The James Webb Space Telescope, a 21st Century Marvel

We live in exciting times! I am passionate about astronomy, space, and science-fiction. The barriers between the three blurs as we make more and more advances in technology. The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), named after the NASA administrator who crafted the Apollo program and who was a staunch supporter of space science, constitutes aContinue reading “The James Webb Space Telescope, a 21st Century Marvel”


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