Practice Practice Practice

There is a hackneyed joke about a visitor to New York asking a pedestrian how to get to Carnegie Hall. The pedestrian happens to be a musician, who answers, “Practice, practice, practice.” Any endeavor that requires development and competition, requires practice, be it Olympic swimming, gymnastics, fencing, concert piano or professional bowling. “But wait,” youContinue reading “Practice Practice Practice”

Writing Practice

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing practice lately. Obviously the best way to practice is found in that golden phrase we all hear so often: just write. But I was looking for a more structured approach to practice, and possibly a break from the endless loop of edits I’m caught in with the secondContinue reading “Writing Practice”


STARTING This piece is targeted at those who have long dreamed of writing, though have yet to begin; to those folks who know there is a story inside them and are ready, or nearly ready, to let it out. WHERE TO BEGIN? So, now you sit at the table or desk facing a blank pageContinue reading “STARTING”

I Want to Write Like Ninie Hammon

My favorite stories have ordinary people confronting extraordinary events, either fantastic or supernatural. As a writer, I try to incorporate this in my stories. In my stories, my characters, although they may possess the ability to make magic, are people I hope everyone can identify with: ordinary people. In Gatekeeper, my protagonist, an ordinary contemporaryContinue reading “I Want to Write Like Ninie Hammon”

Genealogy: You Never Know What You’ll Find

                      ATTEMPT MADE TO STEAL JET AT BEDFORD AIR BASE               Jersey Man Wanted to Fly to India December 1 (195X) A 35-year-old New Jersey man was taken into custody at Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, while allegedly attempting to steal a T-33 jet-trainer for a trip to India. Donald L. Lutman of BoundContinue reading “Genealogy: You Never Know What You’ll Find”


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