A Little History On the Side – Fanny Seward

My fascination with Fanny’s story began during my research about the night of President Lincoln’s assassination. Frances “Fanny” Adeline Seward was born on December 9, 1844.  She was the fourth child and only surviving daughter of William H. and Frances Adeline Miller Seward. Her father was one of the intended victims of John Wilkes BoothContinue reading “A Little History On the Side – Fanny Seward”

Happy New Year!

But wait. What year is it?  2020 turning into 2021, 5781? 1442? 2563? And why is January 1st the start of a new year? What makes January 1st the start of a new year other than tradition and how long has that tradition been going on? For most of my life I have been eitherContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

December 7th, The Beginning.

In writing my novel RED FAÇADE-Secrets Within, about an American living in China, she learns three neighborhood children are missing. She risks her marriage and life to rescue victims caught in a horrifying human trafficking syndicate. I faced many questions. Who is my protagonist? How many secondary characters?  How do I present them to readersContinue reading “December 7th, The Beginning.”

The Ego of a Beginning Writer: How Not to Interview Yourself

I moved to Rhode Island in the early seventies and had pieces published in each of the three Providence literary journals. “Anyart” wanted me to follow up their publication with my thoughts about writing. By this time, I was rather full of myself—the piece about my writing the icing on the cake. I just spoutedContinue reading “The Ego of a Beginning Writer: How Not to Interview Yourself”

Do You Zoom?

A year ago, I bet you thought zoom meant something traveling or moving very quickly; but that has all changed. Today we zoom meetings, classes, dinners, weddings, and even memorial services. Over the past seven months, we have been dragged into the world of video conferencing. Some of us have jumped in joyfully; others haveContinue reading “Do You Zoom?”


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