One of the most wonderful things about reading is the ability of an author to place you in a setting that not only feels real, but enchanting. The place is welded into your mind to the point where you are essentially, physically there. Your senses have come alive as you see, hear, taste, and feelContinue reading “SETTINGS”

Wind Power

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well!Happy Earth weekend! Spring is the perfect time to think about our own unique planet.I just realized recently after a National Geographic documentary that all the creatures that we know and care about, from Monarch butterflies to hippos, can only be found on Earth and nowhere else in theContinue reading “Wind Power”

Stuck, Un-Stuck

I came across this picture online and immediately thought: I should be writing. What does this picture have to do with writing you ask? Nothing at all, but it reminds me of my process. Listen, I’m not ashamed to admit it that when I’m writing I usually neglect other things that I need to beContinue reading “Stuck, Un-Stuck”

Conscious Consumption

 “Hey, let’s try that new Chinese place for dinner tonight,” you suggest to a friend. “We should check out the reviews first,” your friend replies. And so invariably, you consult online reviews of the establishment to decide whether you will, in fact, offer the restaurant your patronage. Negative reviews have a powerful impact on diningContinue reading “Conscious Consumption”


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