Procrastination: let me count the ways

The other day I made a commitment to write a blog post on procrastination. I did not, however, immediately pull up a blank Word document and write. No, I thought about it. Thinking isn’t procrastinating; it is letting ideas swirl and simmer in my head. I might play a computer game, but I tell myselfContinue reading “Procrastination: let me count the ways”

No, I Don’t Want to Talk About My Car’s Extended Warranty

How many times do you answer your phone to hear a robotic voice asking you to stay on the line to discuss your car’s extended warranty? Or how to reduce your debt? Or to get bogus healthcare benefits? Scamming the Scammers A few years ago, the calls came in at an annoyingly high frequency. MaybeContinue reading “No, I Don’t Want to Talk About My Car’s Extended Warranty”

Conscious Consumption

 “Hey, let’s try that new Chinese place for dinner tonight,” you suggest to a friend. “We should check out the reviews first,” your friend replies. And so invariably, you consult online reviews of the establishment to decide whether you will, in fact, offer the restaurant your patronage. Negative reviews have a powerful impact on diningContinue reading “Conscious Consumption”

How to choose a character’s name

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well.Today, I want to entertain you about a subject that is important in a novel but if often considered trivial.Have you ever read a novel in which the characters’ names where inappropriate or threw you out of the story every time? I’m sure most of you have experiencedContinue reading “How to choose a character’s name”

What the H??

Just before Christmas of 2021, a friend wrote a piece entitled Murders From Christmas Past – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. As I read it, I shuddered and screamed.. NO NO NO. Who stole the H? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has an H….. ….except for a twenty-year period of time from 1891 to 1911, when for everyone in the country,Continue reading “What the H??”

The Literary Divide

If you’ve never read Richard Price’s novel Freedomland, do so. Compelling street stories are his thing. Price pulls the reader in through real, raw dialogue and descriptive, vibrant scenery and he does it so well that the reader feels like they are in the action. When I recommend Price’s work I usually say, “If youContinue reading “The Literary Divide”

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