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Hello Everyone!

Did you start your new year with powerful resolutions? One of mine was to finish my second novel in The Sheffrou Trilogy called “Betrayal” The Color of Treason. I’m so close now the my fingers tingle with anticipation when I type.
First, however, I must get some ARCs or Advance Review Copies to get more eyes on my novel before its official date of release.

What is an Advance Review Copy (ARC)?

An ARC is a free copy of your novel that you send out to people who are influential in the world of publishing before your book is out there on the market. I thought it was only a print version but found out it can be a print or an electronic version. It usually includes the cover art (this may not be your final cover) and there is an identifier on the cover to indicate this is an ARC copy and cannot be resold.
Do not confuse ARCs with another unfinished version of a book that is called a galley and it differs from the ARC version because it’s an earlier version that hasn’t been proofread. It may be used by the author to polish his work or by a publishing company but it’s not intended for promotion or reviews.

Why do authors need ARCs?

The main reason an author will send ARCs to readers is to get reviews. These help to promote and get more people to read and like the book before its release. It’s important to send the ARC copies at least 6 to 8 weeks ahead of the publication to make sure the readers will have enough time to put the reviews on their blogs or websites. Reviewers who are influential in the book world, and sometimes local celebrities or magazines, have a great number of fans and followers who stay ahead of every review and spread the news about the new book.
Giveaways of ARCs are also an example of promotional tools that authors can use with the help of social media and sites like Goodreads to market and sell their books. Word of mouth and reviews that are visible to many readers help to establish connections and can create a domino effect and reach an even greater audience. After all, everyone loves free stuff!
Another use of sending ARCs is to receive unbiased and constructive critique from trusted friends and fellow authors. This way the final version of your book will be the best it can be.
ARCs are useful for self-published authors and also traditionally published authors to get book reviews and build excitement in anticipation of their book’s release. To learn more about publishing an ARC yourself, see “How to self-publish an ARC” on the Author Learning Center website.

So now, I’ve got to let you go. I have to prepare my manuscript and send it out for ARCs. Carpe diem! Time’s a wasting!

Have a great day! Enjoy all your readings!

Cami Michaels, author of the sci-fi fantasy romance novel “I Am Sheffrou” An Alien Love Story, book 1 of The Sheffrou Trilogy.
Cami Michaels is a retired physician who loves reading sci-fi fantasy, photography, and traveling. She is currently finishing her second novel, a sci-fi thriller, book 2 of the trilogy, “Betrayal”, The Color of Treason, which will be published March 31st, 2022.

Source: The Author Learning Center.

Published by camimichaels

Sci/fi Fantasy author of "I Am Sheffrou" An Alien Love Story published in July 2020. Book 2 of The Sheffrou Trilogy "Betrayal" The Color of Treason will be released on March 31, 2022. Pre-order your ebook copy now on Amazon.

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